Quilting Magic – Tricks for Disappearing Blocks

Hey guys, nice to see you here. Glad to have your company and more and more excited to share new patterns with you.

   Another beautiful and free pattern has arrived for you ➡ 📲🧵🧶

I hope you can feel all this there on the other side. We are always looking for new patterns and to diversify between techniques, after all some people knit, some people crochet, and some people do both. It’s not fair that we only share one technique.

Quilting Magic. As the last patterns were crocheted, let’s sew a little? We also love spending time at the sewing machine. Making new combinations, decorating our house with what we do, is priceless. In quilting we have many important tips that make all the difference in the final piece, but you should already know this.

For today, we separate some tricks for disappearing blocks that you can apply in different models. Quilts, cushion covers, bags, it depends on what you’re aiming to make. Not counting the colors and prints that you can vary, choose very colorful or black and white models, as in the photos.

Quilting Magic // Quilting Daily

Always remember to prioritize the quality of the fabric according to what you are going to do. For quilts, softer fabrics are recommended. Those thicker, not very malleable, are perfect for making models of bags. Regardless of the fabric, you can use these tricks and the result will be incredible.

In the pattern you have the pictures of the whole step by step along with a simple description. There are no doubts, but if you still need help, count on us. Come chat here in the comments. In addition to our team, our artisan community always helps each other.

   Another beautiful and free pattern has arrived for you ➡ 📲🧵🧶

It’s a very rich interaction that helps everyone and only makes us more motivated to keep creating. Come check out quinting magic and tell me if you already knew these tricks.