Giant Dahlia Quilt – Free Pattern

Hello everybody! How nice to have your company. I am very happy to know that you always remember us when it comes to crafts.

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And that’s why we’re always sharing new models. Having a variety so you can choose what you want to do in the same place makes everything easier.

Today I want to show you an incredible flower, the Giant Dahlia Quilt. Look how beautiful she looks.

An entire quilt in which she is the highlight. You choose the color you want to do and play with tones and prints. It looks amazing, one of my favorites.

You will see that when assembling the dahlia it is like a puzzle. In the pattern you have the template of all the parts that you will need to cut.

Then just mark each one of them and fit according to the instructions, there’s no secret.

I know that when we see a quilt like this it can even scare us, thinking it’s very difficult. But stay here with us and see the pattern.

The instructions are clear and detailed, without skipping any part.

They look beautiful in the decoration of the room, the most common use we attribute to these pieces.

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If you want to add a touch of comfort and personality to your bed, you’ve probably tried to decorate your bedroom with bedspreads.

After all, in addition to contributing to the style of this space, these items are essential to make your nights even more enjoyable. It is clear that it is necessary to think about aesthetics before choosing the fabrics that we are going to use in the bedspreads. However, it is essential to think about the decoration of your bed in order to make the right choice. Therefore, consider the proposed style in your room, color palette and accessories present there.

Think of the harmony between each element and see the quilt as an important ally in building a sophisticated and unforgettable composition for your bedroom. Choose the colors thinking about the combination with pillow covers, cushions, other furniture. If you have a painting in the room, it can be a source of inspiration too. Now that you know how to harmonize the quilt with the environment, comfortable and stylish nights are guaranteed. Come check out the giant dahlia pattern.


   See also other free patterns here ➡ 📲🧵🧶