Cushion Covers in Crochet

Hey everybody! Another one has started and many people want to renovate their home decor. It is very normal to want to change the environment to allow for new events.

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And if you, like me, want to update your decor without spending too much, come and learn how to make beautiful Cushion Covers in Crochet.

There is a model more beautiful than the other, and varying the colors, more options arise to complement the environment.

If you are looking for a simple model, the square format is a great option. The format adapts well to different environments and is a great option for those who are starting their crochet skills.

You can even make outfits, and compose the decoration of the environment with colors that match each other. Or else, make several pieces, little by little and without haste, and present them to loved ones on different commemorative dates during the year or, of course, at Christmas.

In the market it is easy to find different models of crochet pillows and you will see here some of that variety and also some models of crochet cushion covers to include in the living room decor.

Square-shaped crochet pillows are the most traditional. With varying sizes, square crochet cushions can often even be used on the floor as puffs.

Using the crochet pillow cover one day, you may want a more cheerful and fun decoration and opt for crochet pillow models that refer to this climate.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Be Patterns

   See also other free patterns here ➡ 📲🧵🧶

Already, if the next day you want to create a cleaner style with sober colors in the decoration it’s easy. Just change the crochet pillow cover and renew the decoration in the environment. In crochet pillows with neutral colors it is also interesting to insert some details to make it more cheerful, such as flowers. Another way to make a crochet cushion cover is using high relief. It is super charming and different, as in the crochet pillow model.

Cushions are an example of how something cheap can completely transform the face of a room. Colors, models, formats, textures. There are many options. And the crochet ones give a handmade and unique touch. So, come and learn with us at Be Patterns. I hope these models inspire you to want to decorate your home. To want crochet and continue with this incredible craft. If there are any doubts, do not hesitate to talk to us here in the comments.