Blue Star Afghan – Free Pattern

Hello my loves! Good to see you here. I am very happy to have this space where we can share beautiful patterns and different techniques. Here you will find a variety of ideas to be able to choose what you like the most. From clothing pieces, decoration items and accessories. Always looking for a change, today we want to show you Blue Star Afghan.

Look how beautiful it looks, in a very different effect, with different textures and stitches. For that, let’s go back to the crochet technique. This ancient technique is very useful, versatile and gives us pieces that last for a long time. And best of all, you don’t need a lot of materials. The technique may be old, but this afghan is pretty new and perfect for newer decorations too.

Most people who crochet learned to do it with other generations, mother, grandmother. Crochet, as well as any kind of craft, is a great idea to relax, pass the time and even make a little extra money at the end of the month. Also, how can you deny the love and whim that only handmade things carry? It is no wonder that they have been conquering more and more fans, whether producing or consuming these pieces.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Way Back Machine

If you’ve always dreamed of learning crochet, made it a new goal for this year, learn everything you need to try this technique. All crafts require materials and crochet is no different. In general, you will need a needle, yarn and scissors. It all depends on the type of piece you want to produce, after all, within the crochet technique, there are an infinity of styles and developments. Look for the details of what you want to produce, so you can guarantee that you will have the right material at hand.

To make the blue star afghan, in the pattern you have all this information, don’t worry. Another tip is that the thread packages bring an indication for the needle size to be used. When in doubt, just trust the guidelines there. Ready to start? Check out the pattern available at Way Back Machine. Start with the list of materials and then see the step by step. There you will also find the diagrams that make our life much easier. I hope you enjoyed it and want to start crocheting with us. Come on, let’s crochet!