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Log Cabin Quilts are a classic quilting pattern that are easy to make and can be customized to fit any decor.

To make a Log Cabin Quilt, start by deciding on the size and colors of the quilt. Once you have chosen the colors and size, you can begin to cut the fabric strips.

The strips should be the same length and width, and should be cut on the bias to ensure that the quilt is sturdy and will lay flat. Next, sew the strips together in a log cabin pattern to form the quilt top.

After the quilt top is complete, layer the quilt top with batting and backing fabric and then quilt the layers together. Finally, bind the edges of the quilt with binding fabric and you will have a beautiful Log Cabin Quilt.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: All People Quilt

Learn To Make Modern Log Cabin Pattern

As for the amount of fabrics, we separate the list with the measurements you will need to make a quilt of 66-1⁄2×77-1⁄2″. This quilt is made in blocks, each 11″ square.

  • 3-3⁄8 yards solid charcoal gray (blocks, binding);
  • 3-2⁄3 yards total assorted prints in yellow, orange, fuchsia, purple, and teal (blocks);
  • 4-7⁄8 yards backing fabric;
  • 75×86″ batting.

The first step to finding free patterns for a Log Cabin Quilt is to search online.

There are many websites that offer free quilt patterns and tutorials, such as Craftsy, All People Quilt and Quilting Daily. These websites offer a wide variety of Log Cabin Quilt patterns, from classic designs to modern interpretations. Additionally, many of these websites offer tips and tricks on how to sew the Log Cabin Quilt.

They also provide instructions on how to quilt the various blocks, as well as how to assemble the quilt. Another option for finding free patterns for a Log Cabin Quilt is to join a quilting forum.

There are many online forums dedicated to quilting and they offer a wealth of information. Many of these forums have sections dedicated to Log Cabin Quilts and it is likely that you will find free patterns and tutorials posted by members.

Additionally, members of these forums are usually willing to provide advice and assistance if you are having difficulty with any aspect of the quilt.