Northern Star Quilt Pattern

Hello guys, good to see you here. Ready to spend another week here with us? We have incredible patterns and I hope you like it and take advantage of all the tips that each one of them brings.

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But tell me, how are you? Getting to practice your craft? I hope you can take the time to enjoy these moments.

Northern Star Quilt. You may have already noticed that we vary the techniques we bring here. And if you like to sew, this quilt is a model you need to learn. The result is incredible, which only makes the work even more rewarding. Like most quilts, this one is also made in blocks.

Here you will make very incredible stars in each one of them. For this you have the template of the clippings in the pattern, to facilitate and optimize your time.

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It is worth remembering that, when making the markings, the reverse side of the fabric must be used. Prevent the marker from leaving stains on your fabrics and you having to discard that piece.

Northern Star Quilt // Windham Fabrics

Quilts arrived a long time ago and it will be difficult to find a home without them, even after many years. They are comfort items, the one we look for when we want to snuggle up, watch a movie, read a book. So choose quality fabrics, comfortable to the touch and warm.

And for those who think they only stay in the bedroom, they are wrong. The quilts already have their place guaranteed covering the beds and leaving the environment well-groomed. They also bring a lot of elegance to rooms, whether on the sofa or armchair.

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They can also be decorative items, put them folded in baskets, in the office, in the entrance hall. Ideas abound, what we need now is to make the quilt. Come sew with us!


   See also other free patterns here ➡ 📲🧵🧶