Perfect Granny Square With 8 Petals

How to Make a Perfect Granny Square

Granny Squares are one of the most classic and versatile techniques in crochet. They are the basis for a multitude of projects, from blankets and cushions to bags and clothing. To make a perfect Granny Square, follow these steps:

Necessary materials:

Crochet yarn of your choice
Crochet hook suitable for yarn size
Step 1: Choosing the thread and needle

Choose a crochet yarn that matches your project. For a traditional Granny Square, a medium yarn is recommended.
Select a crochet hook that is suitable for your chosen yarn size. The yarn label will usually provide a needle size recommendation.
Step 2: Start

Make a slipknot to start. Then, make 4 chains (ch) and join with a slip stitch (sl st) to form a circle.
Step 3: First round

Make 3 chains to climb (high stitch climb).
Inside the circle you formed, make 2 double crochets (dc). This forms the first group of 3 double crochets, also known as “sticks”.
Make 2 chains to create the corner of your square.
In the circle, make 3 more double crochets (dc).
Repeat the “2 chains, 3 double crochets” sequence 2 more times to create the other two corners of your square.
Join the round with a slip stitch in the third starting chain.
Step 4: Second round

To start the second round, go up with 3 chains.
In the space of 2 chains in the previous corner, make 2 double crochets, 2 chains and 3 more double crochets. This forms the first corner of your second round.
In each space of 2 chains in the corners, make: 3 double crochets, 2 chains, 3 double crochets.
Continue around the square, making 3 double crochets in each space between the groups of double crochets from the previous round.
Join the round with a slip stitch in the third starting chain.
Step 5: Additional Spins

To create a larger Granny Square, repeat the process from round two, increasing the number of double crochets on each side as needed.
Continue adding rounds until you reach the desired size for your Granny Square.
Step 6: Finishing

When you finish the last group of double crochets from your last round, cut the yarn and pull it through the stitch to secure.
Use a tapestry needle to hide any loose ends inside your Granny Square.
Now you have a perfect Granny Square ready to be incorporated into your crochet projects! Experiment with color and pattern combinations to create unique and charming pieces. Have fun crocheting!