Crochet Popcorn Stitch – Flower Square

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Crochet Popcorn Stitch. Crocheting is therapeutic, do you think so too? It is a technique that, for me, refers to the family.

I learned to crochet from my mother. It was always by your side when you were making rugs or baby clothes.

Gradually I became interested and decided to try too, and from then on, I never stopped. And I know that’s how a lot of people learned too.

One of the most amazing things about this technique is its versatility.

It allows us to create items from different models. We see crochet in the decoration of houses, in accessories, in clothes. It’s for all ages too.

We go from baby clothes to blankets for all seasons. A lot of this comes from the amount of stitches that are possible to do.

   See also other free patterns here ➡ 📲🧵🧶

And I think that number tends to increase as more people become practitioners of this technique.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Yarn and Hooks

The popcorn stitch is full of texture and looks the cutest thing. Just like the others, here is a template that you can use to make the most different items. In today’s pattern we are going to learn how to make a square with this stitch, making a flower. Look how beautiful it looks. To get this texture it is better to use a thicker yarn.

In the pattern you will find the indication of the yarn used, but you can choose another one that you prefer. Just pay attention to its characteristics. Then just think about what to create and start crocheting. We separate the video tutorial for you too. If you like to crochet and follow the step by step, like me, watch the video. Was there any doubt? Tell us here in the comments. See you soon with a new pattern to learn.


   See also other free patterns here ➡ 📲🧵🧶