Santa’s Around for Christmas – Round Doily

Hello dear colleagues, how nice to meet you here. You know that here you will find a whole team with open arms, happy to welcome you and with many ideas to inspire you, encourage you to continue with your crafts around. But tell me how your week is going. I hope you’re excited and ready to learn another pattern, shall we go?

Santa’s Around for Christmas. All special dates deserve a little more attention. It’s usually an event, we receive or go to the house of loved ones. We want to welcome you with all the love and affection and much of this is reflected in the decoration of the environment. We try to decorate it and leave it in the most loving way possible. And knowing that we can do all this with our handicraft is even more amazing.

Yes, I know we’re way ahead of schedule, but these doily designs are beautiful and versatile. You can use them on many occasions. What will indicate whether it is for Christmas or not, are the colors of the yarns. Here we are combining green, red and white, very characteristic colors of that date. But you can choose the ones you prefer, make color combinations or make the whole doily in a single color, it also looks amazing.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Ravelry

Santa’s Around for Christmas is a very beautiful model of doily. With delicate stitches, you can use it in different places. It can be the centerpiece, perfect to combine with a vase of flowers. Entrance hall, and even as sousplat. Try it and see how it goes, I’m sure you won’t regret crocheting this doily.

When choosing the yarn, remember that this doily is a more delicate piece, for that reason finer yarns are more suitable. Thicker yarns also look nice, but change the design of the final piece a lot. Pay attention to these details, it makes all the difference. And if you want to be adventurous, why not transform the Santa’s Around for Christmas pattern in to a rug? It is not difficult to increase the size and the result will be just as beautiful. Come on, let’s crochet.